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We are here not only to build your individual ideal physique, but also to create a dynamic, fun and enjoyable environment where you can transform your mind to a place never thought attainable. We want you to achieve your goals in YOUR OWN COMFORT ZONE, and also to join us on the journey that will elevate yourself to have a truly unique, life changing experience.

Don’t do life alone: WE WANT TO BE THERE IN YOUR JOURNEY. We are passionate about creating a community that brings joy, passion and enthusiasm wherever we go and we want YOU to JOIN US. Having a good plan helps: We are interested in YOUR NEEDS. We have developed strategies that not only cater to your individual needs but also build life skills and relationships, in order to further you in your journey.

what we do

Fitness & Mental Health

Here at CLAN we know and believe how important it is for the mind and body to be in sync together.

We believe and know the importance of creating a fun and safe environment both physically and mentally.


Personal Training

A chance to cater towards YOUR NEEDS AND GOALS. Whether you want to train for a triathlon, a marathon or simply want to look good and feel better, we offer 1-2-1 personal training with our Certified Fitness coaches. All sessions are tailored to suit your needs, to create the best version of yourself.


Group Classes

Here at CLAN we are about the PEOPLE and creating a COMMUNITY. This is done through our 30-45 minutes HIIT Classes. These classes create an environment that makes exercising fun; and a place for people to socialise, have a laugh and encourage each other whilst getting fitter and healthier. Why do it alone when you can have support around you!


Work Training

#WorkingWhileWorkingOut. We bring fitness sessions to YOUR working environment. Not many people are able to access the gym, or get a certified personal trainer because of time and cost. So here at CLAN we focus on making group fitness training sessions accessible to YOUR working environment. Research shows that a regular exercise routine can make you happier, smarter, and more energetic. Sessions will range from 1-2-1 personal training to group HIIT classes . WE ARE HERE TO ELIMINATE EXCUSES.


Wellbeing Sessions

We are not only about fitness. We also want to help develop your mental health productivity. So once a month we offer a FREE 30 minute talk where we invite a GUEST speaker to give a testimony about themselves, their struggles and how they overcame the odds to be the person they are today. At the end of each session we will have smaller group activities. The aim of these activities is to reflect on the session, discuss what we learnt and aquire new ways to support one another on a weekly basis.


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Member stories

Results Orientated

Emmanuel is a great coach. He spend time to understand you needs and your limits. He will push you but only to help you get the best results. He has been a massive benefit to my fitness journey and has given me the confidence to go even further than I have previously.

Johnathan Solomon

Great Personal Trainer

Emmanuel is an amazing coach, and the best that I ever had. He was so attentive to every person in the class and was spot on with the timings and instructions on the floor. He also knew his clients very well; he knew when to push them and when to encourage them. I have been to many group classes where there are some of these aspects in a coach but not all. He was amazing. He also had no issue helping me get checked in when I arrived. Truly a proud ambassador for the fitness industry.

Lauren Tamberino


I have been going to the gym for years and had several personal trainers, but I have never had the results that I have had right now. In just over 4months I have lost 9kgs, the quality that Emmanuel has is that he gives you that extra push even when you don't have that energy. Emmanuel (AKA the Gun show) is one of the best trainers I have come across as he is incredibly professional and diligent, constantly pushing me to go with heavier weights and do more difficult exercise’s to get the most out of my workout.

Colin Robb