Fitness & Mental Health

About Us

Story & Vision

The vision is to unite people to do immeasurably more, and change the narrative of mental health through every day fitness

My name is Emmanuel Olaojo, I am 30 years old and I am the founder of CLAN. I have over 10 years experience in sports and exercise ranging from athletics and basketball to semi pro-football and sports exercise. Currently I’m a specialist level 3 personal trainer in strength and conditioning. I also run a youth group where we meet up on a weekly basis to help support and develop them into young adults and give the support needed to help them push through life’s challenges.

I myself have witnessed and suffered from mental health and depression where I ended up addicted to alcohol and had no hope in what I wanted to do in life. The reason for this is because I had no one to talk to about how I felt or to guide me through this period. However, through fitness I have found a new source of relief in what I want do in life but more importantly it has made me realise that through exercise you can build a community where people feel belonged no matter the history of the person.

So I, Emmanuel Olaojo made it my mission to address issues surrounding mental wellness and its benefit to all people. We all use fitness to combat the pressures we carry in our lives whether it is work, family, school etc and used it to transform ourselves to make more meaningful decisions.

As a result, we were inspired to create an organization that would bring joy, love, care and a fearless attitude that whatever we put our minds to we will be able to achieve because our imagination is just a preview of what our lives can be.

Age Doesn’t Determine A Man But His Willingness To Support, Sustain And Sacrifice The things in life To Help Maintain The Responsibilities That life Has Given Him.

I have a huge desire to see a change in society and truly merge Mental health and fitness into your daily routine. Through life challenges and experiences I have developed the enthusiasm, commitment and drive to go beyond people’s expectations and demands to set new levels of standards and break boundaries for myself and in turn  help inspire and motivate others to achieve what seems “impossible”. My life mottos are “excuses sound best to those who make them” and “focus, conquer, achieve and repeat”. Through this I have achieved a great deal.

One of my favourite things to do is to EAT. I also love to write poems, listen to music and explore nature.


our ethos

#WorkingWhileWorkingOut we bring fitness to YOUR working environment. Not many people are able to access the gym or get a certified personal trainer because of time and cost. So here at CLAN we focus on making group personal training sessions accessible for EVERYONE for LESS. In addition we will be having group community talks where YOUR OPINION MATTERS. We want to build a safe and fun environment for people to be free and be themselves.


our values

We believe that every life matters and we have made it our duty that not only people reach their full potential but also be able to grow and develop new world changers


our values

We are one #Clan

We believe and know the importance of creating a fun and safe environment both physically and mentally. This will help create a unique environment that will allow us to strive, building a culture of elevating one another and putting others first in order to embrace our uniqueness to achieve not only our individual but group goals through dynamic training sessions and group talks.

You are the one #CLAN

We believe that every person was created with a unique and special gift. So we are here to help enable you to understand how to maximise your life through practical teachings and fitness because here at CLAN we want to celebrate YOUR success. A winner was once a loser who tried ONE MORE TIME.


Mind and body

Here at CLAN we know and believe how important it is for the mind and body to be in sync together. So through goal orientated training we want to install principles that each person can apply to their day to day life.